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From Night to Light: The Vernal Equinox as a Metaphor in African American Legacy
The vernal equinox, that liminal space where day and night hold court in equanimity, serves not merely as a celestial occurrence but as a profound cultural and historical marker within the African American legacy. This period of temporal balance offe...
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Beyond Boundaries: Celebrating the Indomitable Spirit of Black Women
Ah, March, the month where we gather to honor the vibrant tapestry of women's history. But wait, let's hit the brakes and give a standing ovation to the unsung heroines who've carved their names into the annals of history with grit, grace, and unapol...
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Sharpening My Oyster Knife: The Resilience and Joy in Hurston's Legacy
In the heart of Zora Neale Hurston's prolific legacy lies a piece that, despite the passage of nearly a century, continues to echo with unwavering potency: "How It Feels to Be Colored Me." Hurston's essay, a vibrant tapestry woven w...
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Black Love Through Space and Time
Black love is a vibrant thread, weaving through the past, enriching the present, and promising hope for the future. It’s a melody that resonates with the rhythm of resilience, a poem that speaks volumes of courage, and a dance that celebrates the joy...
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Celebrating Possibility: Black Futures Month
February arrives with a whisper of change, a subtle shift from reflection to anticipation. At Legacy Weaver's Lab, this month traditionally dedicated to African American history is taking a visionary turn. Welcome to Black Futures Month – a time to n...
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Sankofa and Black Futures
The rich interplay of Sankofa and Black Futures are two concepts that resonate deeply with our mission and vision.Sankofa – this Akan term from Ghana has always held a special place in my heart as an African American woman, an educator, a storyteller...
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What Does Legacy Mean to You?
Legacy. It's a word that echoes through the corridors of time, a whisper from our ancestors, a promise to our descendants. In the heart of Legacy Weaver's Lab, nestled in the vibrant pulse of New York City, I often find myself pondering this question...
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Why Legacy Weaver's Lab?
You might wonder, "Why Legacy Weaver's Lab?" Well, it's a question that dances in my mind, twirling around the memories and inspirations that led to its creation. It's a story that begins not just with a ‘why’ but with a ‘who’ - and that ‘who’ is, in...
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